Arts Discussions Video Series

Our desire as the InterVarsity National Arts Ministry is to help university artists find ways to connect their art, life, and faith. When we say "art" we mean all the arts - painting, poetry, acting, sculpture, dance, music, media/film, creative writing, as well as architecture and design. This series of videos deal with common questions and issues that we struggle with as artists like, "Are the arts of any real importance? Where in the Bible does it say God thinks the arts are important? Is it possible to connect our faith, our life, and our art?"

Our IV National Arts Ministry Directory, Dick Ryan, has been discussing how art, life, and faith connect for years - often with college age artists - and in these videos he shares with us a fresh perspective in approaching these topics. We'd love for you to join this discussion whether it is individually or with a group of friends!

Have you ever wondered if the arts have a purpose in our world? If God has anything to say about the arts and artists? If they are important at all? Or, as an artist, have you ever been in a place where the stress of what you do is taking over your entire life? How do we deal with all of that? Is it possible to connect our faith, our life, and our art?

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of art is? What do you think the world says about feelings and emotions? Are they easily talked about? Are they important? How does our world view our art, our emotions and our feelings? How do YOU view them? Join us in exploring these questions.

Lots of people have never seen what the Bible says about the arts. God cares deeply about the arts and artists. Join us in exploring different passages of the Bible that help us find out what God thinks about the arts and artists like us.

This discussion invites us to explore another part of Scripture that is not a story at all, but some of Paul's teaching letter to the church in Philippi, a part of ancient Greece. Can our arts gifts (our intuition, our right-brained stuff, our often-vivid imaginations) help make this teaching Scriptures 'come alive' to us in a personal way?

This video begins a two-part series of discussions about planning for our futures and being able to connect our art to our lives and our faith.

What are the dreams you have for your life? What does the word "gift" mean to you? What are you good at? What gifts do you see in people around you?

How can we use our gifts? Can we make a living in the arts? This is the second part of our Dreams, Gifts, & Callings series. This session might be helpful to some of us as we explore not just the gifts we’ve been given, but how to use these gifts in practical and beneficial ways.