Our desire as the InterVarsity National Arts Ministry is to help university artists, find ways to connect their art, life, and faith. When we say "art", we mean all the arts - painting, poetry, acting, sculpture, dance, music, media/film, creative writing, as well as architecture and design. 

In October 2012, we are releasing a series of videos that deal with common questions and issues that we struggle with as artists like, "Are the arts of any real importance? Where in the Bible does it say God thinks the arts are important? How do I get off the performance treadmill?" Our IV National Arts Ministry Director, Dick Ryan, has been discussing how art, life and faith connect for years - often with college age artists - and in these videos he shares with us a fresh perspective in approaching these topics. We'd love for you to join this discussion whether it is by yourself or with a group of friends! Stay tuned!