Connecting art + life + faith

Is it possible to be a dedicated artist and a dedicated Christian? We think so!

We understand that artists face unique challenges as we develop our artistic gifts and our faith. We are gathering in a growing number of vibrant communities of artists on campuses nationwide. Together we use our gifts in the arts (painting, poetry, acting, sculpture, dance, music, media/film, creative writing, architecture, design, etc.) to communicate the love, truth, beauty and justice of Jesus Christ, our source.

Our mission as the InterVarsity National Arts Ministry is to help university artists find ways to connect their art, life, and faith - to develop creative communicators that help change the world.


All artists are communicators. Are the arts and artists valuable in our society? Do they play a role in creating culture?

Watch as four artists pursue their faith and God's mission through their respective crafts. Premiered as part of the launch of InterVarsity's Arts Ministry during National Staff Conference 2014.

About Arts Ministry

Who we are...

The InterVarsity Christian Fellowship - National Arts Ministry is comprised of students, faculty and staff who create welcoming communities of artists in colleges and conservatories across the country... Read More

What we are about...

Connecting art + life + faith.

Almost all artistic people, whether church attendees or not, share some common yearnings and questions. Our goal is to offer discussion that address these questions that connect our arts gifts and our faith – where we can talk authentically about our role in social justice, helping the poor, and showing truth and beauty to the world. Read More